About us

The founder of Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing, Fiona Hall, has a background of a combination of 15 years within the conventional medical field as a registered nurse and 10 years within the bioenergetic medicine complementary field.

With this combination of knowledge, an understanding of frequency therapy with eastern and western healing philosophy, a truly holistic approach is gained. Thus enabling and encouraging the body to self regulate, restore balance and encourage self healing by removing stressors and burdens.

Following her own personal health journey where herself and family were affected by Lyme disease, Fiona sought alternative and complimentary therapies which offered solutions where conventional did not.

Bioresonance therapy has been instrumental in the family’s healing. This led Fiona to further train as a Bioresonance practitioner, from this, Chrysalis health and well being was born.

Our dedicated team are passionate about helping customers worldwide to identify their intolerances, Using the latest, non invasive German technology to discover the root cause of their symptoms, helping to restore a better health body and mind.