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intolerance health test submission form


Please fill out one form per individual test.


Once completed, please label your sample
with your order number and full name and post it to:


24 The Old Nurseries, Frome, BA114FH.
We will send your report by email within 10-14 days.


Details of person being tested:


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Thank you for your order!

Please follow the instructions carefully for what to do next.

Step 1 - Complete the test submission form.

Please complete the submission form at the bottom of this page – 1 per person in capital letters, signing, dating and ticking all necessary boxes.

Step 2 - Include a hair sample.

Simply cut as close to the roots or including the roots, a very small hair sample of 10-20 hair strands approximately 3 cms long and place in a dry sealed plastic bag. Write the name, D.O.B and order number on bag.
It is vital that you don’t mix samples if your sending multiple tests together as this will give inaccurate results.

Please avoid hair products, conditioners are ok to use and it isn’t a problem if the hair is coloured, it won’t impact the results at all.
If no hair is available, nail clippings can be sent instead.

Step 3 - Post the submission and sample.

Placing the hair sample along with the submission form in a standard sized envelope post to the following address, preferably 1st class post , to prevent delay of test processing. 

24 The Old Nurseries, Frome, BA114FH.

– If multiple tests are being sent and a larger envelope is used, this will need to be posted at the post office to ensure correct postage fees are paid. This will avoid problems of non delivery due to incorrect fee payment.

– Please ensure full postage fees are paid as we can not be held responsible for tests that are not delivered.

Step 4 - Your test report.

Your test report will be emailed within 10-14 days to the supplied email address on your submission form.

Please ensure [email protected] is a permitted sender within your email account to avoid the results going into spam or junk.