TrueScience Scalp Serum

Scalp Serum nourishes your scalp to support normal hair growth while soothing all scalp types.

Better Looking Hair, Built From The Scalp

The TrueScience Scalp Serum is formulated with a powerful combination of ingredients designed to nourish your scalp, support normal hair growth, and give your hair the shine and body you want. No more masking damaged hair. No more harsh chemicals. This scalp serum is designed to work at the root of the problem to support a healthy scalp for beautiful hair.

With Nrf2 ingredients

1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

Let’s Get to the Root of the Problem

Healthier, shinier, fuller looking hair starts at the scalp. The more you protect and nourish it, the better the results. That’s why we designed TrueScience Scalp Serum to work at the root of the problem. It’s formulated with Nrf2 ingredients and a combination of patented ingredients, including Hairgenyl®, Apiscalp™, and Lanatellis® to deliver the peptides, nourishment, and protection your scalp needs to stand up to the environment and help you grow a head of hair you’re proud of. It’s clean. It’s powerful. And it flat-out works on any type of scalp.


Rich in peptides from the yeast Pichia Minuta, isolated from the flowers of azalea to support normal hair growth for fuller thicker-looking hair.


Protects hair against environmental assaults.


Moisturizes the scalp and protects healthy scalp microflora for more beautiful hair.

* Hairgenyl® is used under license from SILAB. Apiscalp™ is used under license from Sederma, Inc. Lanatellis® is used under license from Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Canada, Inc.


  • Maintains healthy scalp microflora for healthy-looking hair
  • Soothes all scalp types
  • Nourishes your scalp to support normal hair growth
  • Protect against environmental assaults
  • Improves shine and body for fuller and thicker-looking hair
  • Mindfully formulated with Nrf2 ingredients